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 The United States regards China as strategic competitors

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PostSubject: The United States regards China as strategic competitors   Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:26 am

(coach handbags)A year ago, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Michel ? Flournoy accept the "Global Times" interview, on behalf of the Pentagon, said solemnly: "The United States does not regard China as an enemy." Now, the Pentagon eat their words. The mother of his decision to send warships to participate in military exercises in the Yellow Sea off China's coast move, obviously you want to provoke China and China to cave. This is equal to the U.S. public to the world that China is a major enemy of its potential.

Since the United States ignored the Chinese people's opposition, bent so dry, then the deliberate avoidance as a positive response. The Pentagon wants to build China into a strategic rival, China had become a qualified opponent: let the U.S. know that strategic mistakes have to pay a heavy outlet(coach outlet)

Game with the United States not to launch a U.S. war with real guns and knives. In fact, no one between two great powers can not afford a large military collision occurred. The United States may not have the courage. The only win in the United States had not made a big country the painful lesson of the game, it comes from China.

The United States is a good strategy with thousands of great power. Dealing with the United States will inevitably full of traps. Those stubborn hawks miss the Cold War the United States, or even to provoke a hot war, China must remain vigilant and not be intimidated by the U.S. hegemony, nor easily travel bags(coach travel bags)
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The United States regards China as strategic competitors
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