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 The United States are trying to create a split in the Asia

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PostSubject: The United States are trying to create a split in the Asia   Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:58 am

(coach bags)Some bizarre atmosphere of the recent Asia: South Korea media exercise as usual, the U.S. aircraft carrier will also take the opportunity to visit the Chinese coastal waters to the Chinese show of force. As the United States should not be beyond our expectations. On the contrary, I think this is the United States in line with the logic of the normal behavior of the ROK-US speech, especially for the U.S. aircraft carrier "visit", we do not over-react and seize the opportunity to observe up close, see more, perhaps a not a good tactical coach opportunities.

(coach handbags)First of all, people play the purpose of the ROK-US skeptical. Although the U.S. and South Korea has repeatedly said is not directed against China, but the front door in the backyard of China Bing lineup: the U.S. aircraft carriers and cruise with some.

(coach outlet)It was the ROK-US speech as a warning against the DPRK, but the reason is not sufficient. Because North Korea's military and the ROK-US power difference is too great, in order to frighten the DPRK, the deployment of such a large fleet, indeed questionable.

(coach sneakers)So, exercise what is the purpose behind it? The military exercises and the recent U.S. officials stand on issues in Asia, has exposed the U.S. strategy in Asia, some changes may occur. These changes will allow others to such a question: The United States "to return to Asia", will not lead to political disintegration and military groups in Asia between the antagonistic?
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The United States are trying to create a split in the Asia
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