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 Interesting opportunity to go to Vietnam, the U.S. aircraft

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PostSubject: Interesting opportunity to go to Vietnam, the U.S. aircraft    Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:46 am

(coach handbags)8th of this month, just recently joined the US-ROK joint military exercise in the Sea of Japan, the U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "George Washington", slowly docked at the port of Da Nang in central Vietnam from approximately 320 km of the sea. Subsequently, a group of Vietnamese military and government officials arrived from Da Nang "Washington" to watch in on top for the flight demonstrations.

(coach bags)As we all know, the United States and Vietnam during the Cold War been a bitter war. Are, therefore, "the Vietnamese high-ranking officials on board the U.S. aircraft carrier," this scene becomes particularly noticeable. Although the United States declared that the event is the 15th anniversary of the normalization of bilateral relations, "icing on the cake", but opinion has been sharply pointed out, with the United States and the more recent nuclear partnership negotiations the U.S. is to enhance military ties with Vietnam, its intentions very clear , that is a strong win over the old rivals in Asia against the Chinese.

(coach outlet)This year in June, the United States in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the General Assembly had to provide two nuclear reactors in China the issue of Pakistan will launch an attack, despite his long and India signed a nuclear cooperation agreement larger. The nuclear cooperation between the United States more news and even the "India Times" also published an article that the United States to peaceful uses of nuclear energy in the ground to help Vietnam develop nuclear power, China will have more reason to expand civilian nuclear cooperation with Pakistan.

(coach sunglasses)U.S. nuclear cooperation in Vietnam so why preference? Russia's "view report" An Analysis of the article quoted experts as saying the United States to weaken China's influence in this. In fact, the foreign media has noted that U.S. officials have stressed that holding nuclear talks with the Vietnamese, the United States did not inform the Chinese. U.S. State Department spokesman Lee said, "Our negotiations only between the United States and Vietnam, not including China for compliance with our own strategic interests, we do not need the approval of China."
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Interesting opportunity to go to Vietnam, the U.S. aircraft
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