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 Victoria bruised and battered

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PostSubject: Victoria bruised and battered   Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:25 am

(coach bags)How bad boy discipline, take a look at David Beckham's children have known. In last Friday night family dinner, the three boys seemed deliberately to challenge the patience of his mother Victoria, as they own car games field, very happy to playing a hide and seek, so that mothers do nothing. But this week, sent her second child six to practice basketball on the road Romero, Victoria strict discipline seems to come into force three to face the camera actually played a good little while, then headed Posh is a breathtakingly players.

(coach handbags)It should also be willing to see the Beckham family harmony photos. Word row to see three boys walking on the road, not exaggerated manner, not Feng Pao, obediently walking around in his mother Victoria. But the 36-year-old hot mom Victoria seems to have been from last Friday's naughty unruly kids freed, she dressed in torn jeans, wearing a black harness vest, wearing sunglasses, bow depressed, or even suck his frowning fingers.

(coach outlet)Of the media asked her whether she planned and fourth child of Health David Beckham, Victoria snappily replied: Everyone came to ask me this question! 4 too many! It seems the naughty children brought to Victoria how much trouble.

(coach sunglasses)(coach sunglasses)Although Victoria do not want to impose their own wish to be too children. But her friend Eva - Parker told the "Mirror" says: Victoria is a great mother to see her children that she is to pay all their family.
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Victoria bruised and battered
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