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 the mayor of Mexico whose body was found

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PostSubject: the mayor of Mexico whose body was found   Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:05 am

(coach bags)According to BBC news on August 19, has kidnapped the mayor of Mexico's northern city of Santiago, the body has been found.

(coach handbags)Evening local time on August 15, San Diego Mayor Edelmiro Cavazos, after attending a public event back home, and soon he and a bodyguard were 15 unidentified gunmen kidnapped away, his bodyguard later released, but whose whereabouts have been unclear Cavazos, kidnappers have not demanded a ransom.

(coach outlet)According to the latest news, local time on the 18th night Mexican police in the nearby city of Monterrey, San Diego's body found in Cavazos, he was was handcuffed, blindfolded, not breathing.

(coach poppy)Monterrey is Mexico's third largest city, the recent frequency of violence related to drug trafficking. Police suspect the death may Cavazos related with the local gang.
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the mayor of Mexico whose body was found
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