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 Apple's new patent applications: iPhone and iPad can identif

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PostSubject: Apple's new patent applications: iPhone and iPad can identif   Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:47 am

(coach handbags)Apple iPhone and iPad future will be able to rely on portable devices such as picture or sound to identify users who pick up or use of these products.

(coach outlet)United States Patent and Trademark Office this week, Apple announced a "non-authorized users to identify electronic systems and methods" (Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device) patent application, using the patented technology can take advantage of users pictures, sounds and even the beat of their unique identification of the user.

Apple has been very interested in such technologies. IPad early release in January of this year before the "Wall Street Journal", once disclosed, iPad first prototype will use cameras to identify the user's facial features. Reportedly, Apple has been testing on this product customized, automatically switch to the loss of user-specific personal settings.

(coach new handbags)However, this patent is not the first time Apple has developed the technology to identify users through the heart. Published in May this year, a patent application specifically for the technology, said the iPhone can be seamlessly embedded in a peripheral heart rate monitors, iPhone users by reading the physical characteristics of the data, identify the user.
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Apple's new patent applications: iPhone and iPad can identif
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