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 Digg CEO within a week to identify new candidates

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PostSubject: Digg CEO within a week to identify new candidates   Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:18 pm

(coach handbags)According to foreign media reports, the U.S. social news site Digg Kevin Rose, co-founder and CEO, said recently that the company will be appointed within a week or so a new CEO. In addition, Digg will soon also be a substantial adjustment to the site, allowing users to be able to see more relevant content.

(coach outlet)Ross said in an interview this week, Digg CEO candidates have to be reduced to three. Digg's new chief executive will determine the new site on-line time. Digg is currently testing the new site, but the test users are restricted to a limited range. Ross refused to disclose information about the candidates, CEO of Digg.

When asked why remove the current interim Chief Executive Officer positions, Ross said he did not fit the job chief executive, on the current management of pain. Former CEO of the company Jieyiede Wilson (Jay Adelson) had early this year due to be exposed to other important members of the sordid, the left Digg. Since then, Rose replaced Adelson, assume the company's interim Chief Executive.

(coach charm collection)When asked about the progress of V4 version of the R & D, Ross said, V4 project has carried out nearly a year, the company said that version would be some "important and bold new direction." If the project for nearly six months in the future within the errors, the company will suffer a heavy blow. But Ross said that despite the huge technical difficulties in the project, he was confident V4 version of the successful launch.
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Digg CEO within a week to identify new candidates
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