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 Chomp hopes to become the Google search application

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PostSubject: Chomp hopes to become the Google search application   Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:22 am

(coach bags)When the end of last year, Chomp's profile is still small, but it was a Luoenkangwei (Ron Conway) and other venture investors in the seed money, which people interested. This year in January, Chomp, as Apple's App Store (Apple's App Store) application launch recommendation engine, and soon began another round of major financing. Since then, Chomp rapid development, now has more than 40 million active users.

(coach handbags)App Store application discovery is still basically a mess. It is true that it's home page is quite good, but otherwise is a little confusing. Application developers have been criticized and ridiculed in this function. There are already more than 250,000 iPhone application models, people do need a better way to find the best applications.

(coach outlet)This is the Chomp is doing. But before it is only a social circle you Chomp recommended as the basis. Of course, it also has some basic search functions, but not more than Apple provides that good (that is really quite bad).

(coach poppy)However Chomp in the 23 launched a new application, search engine, but noted that it is an Chomp application can also be used in site.
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Chomp hopes to become the Google search application
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