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 Giant 10-inch flat-panel computer screen Motorola's first ex

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PostSubject: Giant 10-inch flat-panel computer screen Motorola's first ex   Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:35 am

(coach handbags)There are reports that HTC will continue to carry an OEM Google Android system Tablet PC product, but the rumors in recent days was broken. It is reported that the professional smart phone maker HTC Corp. said it temporarily do not want to set foot in tablet PC market, we can see that the previous rumors have proved unfounded. But think of even earlier exposure of Motorola's upcoming Tablet PC product, it seems more closely associated with Google Inc.. Recently, some foreign media exposure of this Tablet PC a number of specific parameters, makes this Tablet PC product was finally no longer mysterious.

(coach outlet)It is reported that this tablet PC products will carry Android 3.0 version of intelligent systems and mobile devices using nViDIA Tegra 2 platform. At the same time, this Tablet PC will have an amazing 10.1 inches touch screen, and the piece of display screen by Sharp Corporation production. In addition, this Tablet PC in the front and back will also be equipped with two cameras, and support for Adobe Flash.

(kristin collection)Business operations, Motorola introduced the Tablet PC products have been identified with Google Inc. and Verizon jointly operators, and will take with previous HTC with Google Inc. and T-mobile operators jointly launched T-mobile G1 smartphone similar business model. And Google official said that this tablet PC products to be sold in 2011 is expected to more than 2 million units.
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Giant 10-inch flat-panel computer screen Motorola's first ex
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