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 Windows phone 7 Series Release

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PostSubject: Windows phone 7 Series Release   Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:05 pm

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer personally released its new mobile operating system, Windows phone 7 Series.(coach bags)In the area of the desktop operating system, Microsoft Windows 7 in 2009 For release by new miracles, so Microsoft hopes Windows Phone 7 release to turn the tide, making the system in the smart phone industry WindowsMobile return to dominance.

So Windows phone 7 Series for the majority of users experience and what new feelings? Microsoft for Windows phone for VP-Joe Belfiore as guest participants made a visual presentation. WindowsPhone7 the home side, with a new layout.(coach outlet)At the start screen, showed a square block, and dynamically updated "live tiles" displays the user's real-time content, and all kinds of user information (phone, SNS, SMS, messages, pictures, XBOX Live and music), integrated together so that users can quickly access. Microsoft is said to force the OEM manufacturers in every windowsphone7 mobile phones, will be equipped with a hardware button, available to the user one-click search service (will be forced by bing as a search engine).

Overall, Windows phone 7 Series and WindowsMobile5.0, 6,6.1 and 6.5 compared to the UI and user experience for a thorough improvement, giving the overall feeling is more humanized, more convenient operation, fully embodies the core of Microsoft's services-oriented & user experience, while the other incorporates Microsoft's Windows phone 7 series products will create a set of social play, entertainment, multimedia and business functions into one platform for the Super Terminal.(coach madison collection)Windows phone 7 Series launch, it means that in 2010 smart phone operating system and software store Microsoft will reverse the war situation in the war? We will see.
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Windows phone 7 Series Release
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