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 Development language is not important, important is thinking

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PostSubject: Development language is not important, important is thinking   Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:26 am

These familiar arguments do not know Tingshui Yue, the comparison seems to pull the programmer or development manager are saying, but also increasingly popular trend, do not know why, maybe just want to say your ability to not do it!(coach bags) Recently heard more and more, and made it how to listen to how words like fresh graduates like, just like that: first job after graduation is not important, the key is their own efforts; learn what the professional does not important, the key is their own efforts; school has no reputation is not important, the key is to their own efforts; do not go to college is not important, the key is our own efforts. Subtext is: can the same pig as long as the effort when the U.S. president.

High school than Basic, the science through Fortune, C, C51, graduate students used the DSP compilation, primarily using C / C + +. Although learned a lot, but only compilation, C and C + + can also know the problem and some tips. (coach outlet)Development process in a different language or a very big difference, because each language has its own characteristics, just listen to the teacher often does not know the depth to explain to their own programming practice to understand and grasp.

Practical and realistic recognition of difference, and people are different, the language naturally different. So my advice is: Do not listen, language is very important, including the elements, grammar, library, compile Yuan Li, Use,(coach shoulder bags) Xianzhitiaojian Deng Deng, if the regular use of the language must be Chedi Gao Ming Bai principles and limitations of programming is Zhong Yao Si Xiang , but needs to be embodied in practice, study must be read Daniel, founder level best to write a book!
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Development language is not important, important is thinking
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