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 Site optimization program planning how to write book

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PostSubject: Site optimization program planning how to write book   Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:18 am

For our people who engage in SEO, site optimization program book is a very important thing. (coach outlet)Because the customers find us, certainly requires the actual situation according to the customer site to site to make a diagnosis and planning programs.

Writing SEO program generally include the following five sections: overview, site structure, keyword detection analysis, SEO plan and forecast the results.

1. Overview. Writing an overview of the program aims to attract readers, make them interested in the implementation of the program. The best writing is vague feeling, but seems true. (coach bags)The writing usually involves the following three aspects: 1. Implementation of the SEO benefits of their own 2. Why a website to be SEO? 3.SEO implemented, how the site will be changed?

2. the domain name detection. To understand the current state of Web site, the indicators need to detect the site a comprehensive assessment of current conditions, that is domain testing. Detection of the contents of the site's current PR usually include the value, ALEXA ranking, Baidu and Google SE of your situation, PV, IP, and number of backlinks.(coach shoulder bags)

3. the site structure.Understanding of the current site structure and assess the key from the following two aspects: 1. Site Framework. 2. Website code.
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Site optimization program planning how to write book
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