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 SEO-friendly plug-site procedures necessary to share

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PostSubject: SEO-friendly plug-site procedures necessary to share   Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:57 am

SEO is now a need to consider each Jianzhan factors, we choose a CMS program when the site is bound to give priority to its SEO capabilities. Generate static,(coach outlet) URL path of modern mainstream CMS custom features of these procedures is not necessary to speak more, today, I introduce some SEO-friendly CMS on the plug, hope this article will help website owners in the choice to do Shenkao CMS O'clock :

1. Automatic ping feature. The plug-in is when we publish articles written to inform us to set the server back in the program list, and then come crawling reptiles shock server article.(coach bags)

2.TAGS plug-in: We can add update the article when the article to add one or more keywords tag, so the basis of these tags to the articles, pictures or information to classify focused show, TAGS keywords in the search results page can also achieve good ranking, and included, in terms of user experience and SEO results are obvious.

3. Keywords links: Keywords links in some cms also called keywords or key words associated with the dictionary by adding key words and links form the background dictionary, such as adding "Baidu," Baidu's web site keywords and links, then set the replacement times, and replace the weights.

4. Spider Statistics: Statistics plug-in can be analyzed spider which search engine robots to climb over your station, through which the frequency of data capture date, can be analyzed in the search engines of popular level.

5. Automatically generated site map. This plug-in programs are most Jian Zhan, has been released by the article, in accordance with the label automatically generate xml format, site map, back to the search engine can speed up your speed and your site content.(coach boots)
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SEO-friendly plug-site procedures necessary to share
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