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 url Standardization

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PostSubject: url Standardization   Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:22 am

URL standard, or specific content pages to the site has only one url to get there.(coach outlet) url standardization of the meaning of search engine optimization is greater than the user. For example: a Web site's home page, often through several different URL can access, such as Google. / index.htm / index.php 4 url address of the representative of all the Google home page, then do anchor text should I choose this?(coach bags) I would like to stress here is that, no matter what you decide to correspond to a URL, please have this on only one URL, the url standardization. Point of the search engines

How much weight a URL, in essence, is the URL itself by the number of internal links and external links; this URL represents what, in essence, relying on the URL in the anchor text is. The purpose of standardization URL when a page has multiple URL, determine the one to choose. URL of this process is standardized. URL purpose of standardization is that the ownership of heavy (outer chain, chain) are concentrated on a URL.

Appears in the search engine, with and without the backslash backslash, the default is the same. But to the best, note that each additional link, all with a backslash.(coach kristin collection)
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url Standardization
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