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 Intel to promote virtual fitting

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PostSubject: Intel to promote virtual fitting   Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:32 am

When faced with a fancy new clothes are all want to try one by one, however, is really a waste of time, too much, if there is a virtual fitting room,coach outlet will want to try on the underwear and so on 11 " simulation put on, "eliminating the trouble of dressing strip, not in the crowded dressing room before the time-consuming, it is very refreshing.

Now, this is no longer a dream. Recently, Intel demonstrated a virtual fitting technique. This machine is a special transparent screen + remote control. Machines placed in a clothes shop, through the projection will be projected onto the scene inside the screen, the user is on the screen looked like go shopping. coach bags

Then operate the remote control, select the superior or subordinates of the clothes, the machine will be taken prior to the user together with the selection of clothes, put on after treatment show users the real effect of this totes
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Intel to promote virtual fitting
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