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 Google obsolete

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PostSubject: Google obsolete   Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:05 am

August 4, it was a Wednesday, the Mountain View, California looked no different from the past, the sun was shining, the temperature is 27 degrees is a bit hot. But on the programmer and the geek world, the high temperature they count it? Here are world's most intensive WiFi, the world's fastest 1G-home bandwidth every house to spend the digital meter, Each house can be seen in the online 3D high-resolution panorama.(coach outlet)This has almost been completely data-oriented town, there is almost like a miracle.

Google's own headquarters building named irrational number "e", pi "π" and the golden ratio "phi", made no secret of the mathematical laws of worship; Google's recruitment often use a series of cunning manner, only by understanding mathematics, the program can go all the smart people; Google on education and graduate schools are valued, almost to "look for partners to" become "kind of people looking for"; Google Android mobile phone operating system itself or the Logo, designed as a green robot image.(bags)

Thus, when the people demand the starting point of social networks became the Internet's largest growth, rising gradually as Facebook or even when on the Google threat, Google is difficult to proceed from the elimination of the enemy's own genes. The interaction between people and information, Google to continue to be supported by tools, analysis, and strengthen. So when the social comes, it contends that if the information can help each person a clear convergence one can grasp the core of human interaction network.

Clearly, these moves to the considerable pressure on Facebook. Early August 2010, Makezhake Berg announced in the next 60 days, Facebook will enter the "closed state", Mark is also outside his office put the "lockdown" signs. The psychologist must be for their own carbon-based Internet empire and come up with more weapons. Only survive in the future a group of attack on Google, this new social network of the Lord can really solid their kristin collection
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Google obsolete
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