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 Adobe takes side toward the valley song gradually

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PostSubject: Adobe takes side toward the valley song gradually   Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:41 am

Currently Adobe moves strategy already with Android of long-term success contact, Adobe Executive Director and the managers already how does Adobe adapt to an Android development to do a very long-term research.(coach outlet)Adobe used apple as to cooperate a colleague at first, at least by 2008 is so, but along with selling well of iPhone and apple CEO Steve Joe the cloth Si attack Flash and Adobe in an open letter, this kind of cooperative relation walks to end.Valley song and Adobe united to start backstroke to the apple, the conflict of of Android and iPhone compared to Windows and Mac.

In November, 2008, when Adobe detection and apple aren't likely to cooperate, start looking for and the cooperation of valley song, it sent a set of engineer and Android team to work together, two companies uniting to develop Flash Player was 10.1 some functions.Adobe already in the valley song of some have contribution according to the Android item, for example song television in the valley.(coach bags)

However, valley song and Adobe cooperation is establishment in both parties' demand and try rule to move the dissatisfied foundation of computing the market to the apple up, Adobe combine prohibit to fully completely give up other parts of the market, for example WebOS of the blackberry and Windows of the Microsoft Phone 7.

Flash still has the most direct influence on Android system, is almost a night of, equip Android2.2 and Flash Player 10.1 of cellular phone Motorola Droid 2 have already started releasing.(coach madison collection)
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Adobe takes side toward the valley song gradually
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