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 HP declares USD 1,500,000,000 to procure ArcSight

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PostSubject: HP declares USD 1,500,000,000 to procure ArcSight   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:49 am

Hui Pu declares that will procure ArcSight by the cash of each USD 43.50, this price and ArcSight the closing price on Friday compare premium price 24%.This is the Hui Pu in the near future carry on of another pen procure, the Hui Pu hopes to pass these dependences that procure to trade to expand business, get away from a rightness of low profitses PC market.Several weeks ago, the Hui Pu declares to procure saving manufacturer of data by the price of USD 2,070,000,0003 PARs.(coach outlet)This year early time, the Hui Pu still successively procured 3 Coms and Palm by the price of USD 2,700,000,000 and USD 1,200,000,000.

The Hui Pu distinctly procures is also front CEO mark Ěthe strategy of the He virtuous(Mark Hurd) establishment.Last month, (coach bags)mark ĚHe virtuous on suspicion of sexual harassment and make false report Zhang eyes but resignation, after became number of the rival oracle-bone scripture of Hui Pu, this causes Hui Pu's initiating public prosecution to the virtuous He and call that he disobeyed both parties to sign before now of keep secret agreement.

The ArcSight headquarters is located in California, the United States, service of the company can help a business enterprise as to it's the calculator network data face of the risks, such as attack and pilferage...etc. carry on probing into and analyze.At recent[one] wealth year, the ArcSight revenue total amount is USD 181,000,000.

After procuring news and declaring, the ArcSight stock price soars USD 8.91-44.01 in the bargain before dish, the rise is 25.4%, and the stock price of Hui Pu soars USD 33-38.53.(coach madison collection)
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HP declares USD 1,500,000,000 to procure ArcSight
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