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 Music recommendation engine, art and science of DNA

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PostSubject: Music recommendation engine, art and science of DNA   Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:40 am

(louis vuitton outlet)U.S. ReadWriteWeb interviewed the founder of Pandora music recommendation engine, Tim West, Glen (Tim Westergren) and Slacker Radio vice president of marketing Jonathan Sasse.(coach handbags)

(coach handbags)Pandora's genome seems to contain more scientific ingredients and the method used Slacker Radio DJ looking to keep the vitality of the arts, but the problems facing the two companies are the same, that is consistent with the audience created music streaming of individual taste.(coach madison collection)

(louis vuitton shoes)Sasser said the DJ for the Slacker Radio are, their job is to push new content appears on top of sites, but "the next step is to promote the community as a whole the content." While West Glen said, Pandora is currently more than 60 billion "top" and "step" feedback "very knowledge," and these "insights" quite specific, not generalities.(Coach Luggage)
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Music recommendation engine, art and science of DNA
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