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 Iran's president admitted accepting bribes in Afghanistan

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PostSubject: Iran's president admitted accepting bribes in Afghanistan   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:08 am

louis vuitton outlet Afghan President's deputy, received bribes regularly from Iran, to which Karzai held a news conference 25 to respond, he admitted receiving cash assistance in Iran, but stressed that the money belongs to the friendly aid, its use is " transparent. "

louis vuitton bags 25, Hamid Karzai held a press conference to respond to the rumors. He acknowledged that Afghanistan is indeed receive funding from Iran, but the money is not a personal funding, but to maintain the operation of the Office of the President.

louis vuitton shoes Many countries in this way to Afghanistan in cash, which also includes the United States.

laguna beach jeans The article quoted Western officials as saying the money was used for Karzai, "President of the slush fund", is mainly used to "bribe" members in Afghanistan, tribal elders, and even the head of the Taliban in exchange for allegiance to these forces government to consolidate power.

true religion jeans sale Reported that Iran is trying to expand the Afghan government by Daoud Karzai, NATO and the differences between the United States and to achieve the "mischief" objective.
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Iran's president admitted accepting bribes in Afghanistan
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