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 Tsunami in Indonesia rescued a half years old baby

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PostSubject: Tsunami in Indonesia rescued a half years old baby   Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:55 am

louis vuitton outlet 29, Indonesia's worst tsunami-affected areas staged a miracle of life, an 18-month-old baby were rescued.

louis vuitton bags But the disaster is still a lack of relief supplies, impact of weather and sea conditions, rescue efforts very difficult.

louis vuitton luggage West Sumatra province, according to disaster relief department official, the people most affected areas Mentawai Islands, discovered a surviving 18-month-old baby.

laguna beach jeans According to reports, is a 10-year-old child covered in the South Island, a jungle found this baby. Infant parents have died, their lungs to the hospital, water, and now out of danger.

true religion jeans sale Mentawai Islands, had a lack of medical services in many areas, a large number of casualties after the tsunami, lack of timely medical treatment. In a hospital in the North Island, Bagheri, more than 10 injured people lying on the mat or floor. Protect Shi-Putra, said: "We need doctors, need experts."
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Tsunami in Indonesia rescued a half years old baby
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