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 Milan can be cheap to sign Balotelli

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PostSubject: Milan can be cheap to sign Balotelli   Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:46 am

coach handbags Balotelli cheap to join AC Milan? Locally accept the "Vanity Fair" interview with respect to partner with Mario after Galliani said that if the City sold this Balotelli, then the red and black to red in the forefront of the acquisition. "Mario is a very good player, he's with me and very understanding. I very much hope that he can return to Serie A, I, and he will be able to play good football AC Milan dedicated to the fans." Ibrahimovic is so cozy Balotelli, in addition to the human factor with the personality behind what "conspiracy"?

louis vuitton outlet According to "Digital sport" report, Adriano Galliani made no secret of the interview after the former Inter Milan about a child prodigy. "I think Manchester City will not sell Balotelli, because they have signed a five-year contract. However, if the City intends to sell, it will be Mario's new home in Milan." Galliani and very optimistic about Balotelli Milan time soon: "Mario and the effectiveness of Milan Ibrahimovic partner with? This too may be a."

coach outlet Inter Milan Balotelli curve for the bypass by the City to join Milan, rumors of Chinese rice in order to avoid the incident took place, in the transfer contract shall not be added to the City of Milan will be sold to the provisions of Mario. Galliani admitted the existence of this provision is likely, but not an insurmountable obstacle. View from the transfer fee, paid Manchester City for the Balotelli 23 million pounds, from the high price of Milan is out?
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Milan can be cheap to sign Balotelli
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