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 Pirlo will be back

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PostSubject: Pirlo will be back   Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:42 am

coach handbags According to Italian media, "slow motion" message, Andrea Pirlo and Antonini had been cured, and participated in a recent joint training team in Milan. The media also said that Pirlo is likely to appear in this weekend's game with the newly promoted in Brescia.

louis vuitton outlet Nov. 21 fight before the game in Florence, Andrea Pirlo legs suddenly felt unwell on the bench watching the game, the result Milan 1-0 win. Champions off to war in the subsequent press conference in front of Auxerre, the Milan coach Milan Allegri also specifically take care of the brain: "Pirlo is essential for Milan, I hope the league at the weekend (off war Samp) He can play. "But the results so disappointed Allegri, Pirlo doctor still did not get the definite answer, but the momentum of Milan's five-game winning streak end was Sampras.

coach outlet However, statistics by the audience after the game, the Milan Sampdoria shot up to 20 times is 4 times the radio is also 10 times. That is, the road race in the face of strong enemy Sampdoria, Milan Pirlo in the case of lack of control of the game still. Despite the draw are not satisfied with the results of the Milan city media, but did not mention the impact of missed Pirlo. But the Italian state television has said: "continue to believe in the pragmatism Allegri, and quite effective. Midfield tough guy who formed a barrier in front of the back line, although such a configuration could not kick the presence of pleasant Pirlo football, ball rate also declined, but meet the needs of game now. "
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Pirlo will be back
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