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 Champions League - Chelsea 0-1

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PostSubject: Champions League - Chelsea 0-1   Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:54 am

louis vuitton outlet Started the final round of the Champions League competition, F group head Mingqieerxi guest Aerodrome 0-1 defeat to French giants Marseille stadium. The first half of the game, Marseille's Walter Buena shot beams into the audience when the second half the only goal of Brian, despite losing the match, but Chelsea still win the group 1, Marseille in Group 2 as round.

coach handbags There are two teams in history had 3 encounters, of which 2 occurred in the 99-00 Champions League season, when teams were winning 1-0 at home, the two teams clash is the latest in September this year, sits at Chelsea won 2-0 at home easily.
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Champions League - Chelsea 0-1
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