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 Speed up your pc

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PostSubject: Speed up your pc   Tue Sep 11, 2007 7:37 pm

Even if your PC is modern one, by the time it loses the speed that it had before, this is for many reasons.
Firstly, the register of your computer finds some keys which are not neacesary for your soft ware by instaling and removing some softwares.
Secondly, there are many files stored in your computer hard drive during your work and you need to delet them.
Thirdly, and many other points which needs more detials.
Here by we intreduce and show you the folowing softwares to help your pc to spped up and workd in a comon way.
dwonload and extract the file then run each saftware you see below to fix your pc well.for example run throttle to speed up your internet conection and so on. Now come and start downloading and give your ideas:


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Speed up your pc
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