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 Mourinho: Real Madrid could 0-8 lose Barcelona

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PostSubject: Mourinho: Real Madrid could 0-8 lose Barcelona   Fri Dec 24, 2010 8:43 am

louis vuitton outlet Before the league last weekend, Jose Mourinho out a press silence, so that the Spanish media is very unhappy, after all, means that no material can be dug affected sales, and Mike Mussina of the mouth is the medium of the Gospel. Strained relations with the Spanish newspaper madman, but added the Italian media over the past incompatible harmonious start up, before he accepted the "Gazzetta dello Sport, " talking about the interview, analysis of the mentality of coaching Real Madrid, and the World War, the views of the Golden Globes .

coach outlet Conversation turned to World War, Mourinho admitted complete defeat Real Madrid is served: "Barcelona played the state, performed extremely well, while Real Madrid, no, completely constrained, which requires work and time to adjust. I came here 6 months only, have learned a lot, but not all, can not be completely dialysis, the size of Real Madrid is no way to match other clubs. "
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Mourinho: Real Madrid could 0-8 lose Barcelona
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