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 Century Wizards-C Ronaldo

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PostSubject: Century Wizards-C Ronaldo   Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:30 am

louis vuitton outlet Although it is sick to play, but the C Lo to wrap up in 2010, the war is still eye-catching performance with a hat-trick of assists and finished plus a year's journey. 48 games 46 goals, this is C Lo transcripts produced during the year, the Portuguese star is becoming the new banner on the Real Madrid striker.

coach outlet Since the summer of 2009 to 8,000 million pounds of high-priced ships since joining the Galaxy, C Luo will continue to prove their worth with a goal, despite always being criticized too egotistical, but in any case, that goal is the king. King of the just-concluded this cup, C Lo staged the first after he came to Real Madrid 4 hat-trick before, with Racing Santander this season, completed the Er Bale and last season with Real Mallorca Athletic Lo game C have demonstrated their offensive firepower crazy, which in the battle against Racing Santander is one arranged in 4 balls.
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Century Wizards-C Ronaldo
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