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 Real Madrid 100 million acquisition

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PostSubject: Real Madrid 100 million acquisition   Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:44 am

coach outlet January 23, according to "Daily Star" message, the acquisition of Real Madrid during the summer storm is brewing, Mourinho ready to throw 100 million pounds this year, Xia Tianhao packaged binary Modric Tottenham acquisition and Bell!

coach outlet Last summer, Jose Mourinho to take over Real Madrid after the introduction of Dimaliya, Pedro - Leon, Hedi La, Carvalho and Ozil, spending more than 60 million euros. But in the crazy mind, this is still not perfect Real Madrid, Mourinho in addition to the force wanted a center, but also want a good organization and world-class left midfielder. "Daily Star" on the said Mourinho ready to open this summer, the price out of 100 million pounds acquisition of packaged binary Modric Tottenham and Bell.
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Real Madrid 100 million acquisition
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