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 Rulings of Wiping Over Socks

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PostSubject: Rulings of Wiping Over Socks   Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:19 pm

Rulings of Wiping Over Socks

• How to wipe over the slippers or socks

• Conditions of wiping over socks

• Ruling on wiping over socks that have holes in them

• Is it better to wipe over the socks or to wash the feet?

• How long does tahaarah last after the period for wiping over the socks ends?

• Is wudoo’ broken by taking off one's socks?

• It is not essential for socks to be of leather

• In order to be allowed to wipe over one’s socks, they have to have been put on at the
same time, after completing wudoo’ or ghusl

• One who wipes his
socks although he was not in a state of tahaarah (purity) when he put them on

• Ruling on wiping over socks that have holes or are very thin

• Should he wipe over his socks even though they smell bad?

• Is it obligatory to wash the feet or wipe them during wudoo’?

• He wiped over his socks for three days when he was not travelling. Does he have to repeat his prayers for the two days?

• Can he wipe over his socks if he put the right sock on before washing his left foot?

• If he wipes over his socks then takes them off, is his wudoo’ invalidated thereby?


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Rulings of Wiping Over Socks
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