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 The Simple Garment

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PostSubject: The Simple Garment   Mon Feb 04, 2008 3:09 pm

The Simple Garment

Poem written by : Nargis Rahman (England)

I am a Muslim,

A proud Muslim,

A lady with strong beliefs,

Why should I hide that fact?


The comments, the looks, the sniggering,

Don’t care what people think,

I will still hold my head high,

I will still walk with bliss and dignity.


So simple is the garment,

Yet so effective at its job,

Protecting me from the eyes of the world,

Reminding me of Allah.


Stop….look….and think,

Do you truly want to be amongst the ignorant?

Do you truly want the lustful world?

Is it really worth sacrificing your Imaan?

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The Simple Garment
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