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 Cows Head in a Jar

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PostSubject: Cows Head in a Jar   Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:26 pm

in Nasruddin neightbourhood a cow entered it's head into an earthenwar jar to drink wate , it got stuck in there .people in the neighbourhood tried to take the head out ,but they couldn't do so , they had to seek Nasrudin advice Narudin thought about it fgor a while but he found that cuttin the head of the cow is the best alternaitve when they cut the head it fell into the Jar. once again they tried to bring it out, but in vain. THUS NASRUDIDN ORDERED TO BREAK THE JAR and bring the head out. people were surpirse a Nasruddin's intelegnece and talent!
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Cows Head in a Jar
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