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 Hadith Reader for Mobile Phones (FREE):

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PostSubject: Hadith Reader for Mobile Phones (FREE):   Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:33 pm

Quote :
Assalamu Alaikum!

Here is the Hadith Reader for Java-Enabled Mobile Phones to read and search the collection of Sahih Bukhari (Hadith) in the English language.

Please forward the Quran Auto Reciter software to all the Muslim brothers and sisters you know and remember that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says:
"The one who guides to good will be rewarded equally".


Please read the following very carefully.

The Hadith Reader for Mobiles application can only be installed on Mobiles. In order to install Hadith Reader, you need to ensure that your mobile meets the following requirements:
A Java-enabled Phone that supports:

1. MIDP 1.0/2.0
2. JAR (Java Archive) files of size 300KB for Hadith Reader Basic, and 1.3MB for Hadith Reader Pro
3. 250KB of FREE RAM for Hadith Reader Basic, and 450KB for Hadith Reader Pro
4. Screen width of 176 pixels or more. Please be informed that we have not tested this application on all phones and models and so you will need to consult your mobile's user manual for further details. However, we have provided a list of mobiles that may support Hadith Reader (judging them based on the above criteria).
If your mobile does not meet the above requirements, you will not be able to run Hadith Reader.
You need to follow the following four simple steps in order to install the software:

1. Ensure you have a Data-Cable or Bluetooth or Infra-red (along with its software) for transferring the file from your PC to your Mobile
2. Choose the right CLDC version
3. Transfer the .jar file from the Translation directory from your PC to your Mobile (e.g. transfer CLDC1.0\HadithReader Bukhari\HadithReaderBukhari.jar to your mobile)
4. Open the transferred file from your mobile to begin installation
STEP 1 - Before you Begin

Important! Please Read the following carefully:

In order to be confident that your mobile will be able to run Hadith Reader Pro, we would encourage you to download Hadith Reader Basic before you decide to purchase this software. If Hadith Reader Basic works, you may then proceed to buying Hadith Reader Pro.
Note that you will need WinZip ( or WinRar ( to uncompress the Zipped file ( Please download and install one of the two in order to unzip the file and then follow the following instructions.

After ensuring that your mobile meets the above requirements please take a minute to see whether you have the following tools:
A USB DataCable that attaches your Mobile to your PC, along with its software
If you have a Bluetooth enabled Phone, a Bluetooth adapter attached to your PC

You must have some medium for transferring the file from your PC to your Mobile. This is usually provided to you when you buy your phone.
However, older models may not come with a DataCable and you may need to buy one separately. If your mobile is Bluetooth enabled and you have some Bluetooth hardware attached to your PC (e.g. Bluetooth adapter) you may use that for transferring the file across.

In order to use your Data-Cable, you'll need to appropriate software that came with it to transfer the file across. An example is of a Pocket PC device. It comes with a USB 'cradle' that plugs into your computer. Place your device on the cradle and if the appropriate drivers are installed, windows will show a 'Mobile Device' drive under 'My Computer'. Another example is that of Nokia 9300. It comes with a cradle as well as a Data-Cable. If the appropriate Nokia Suite software has been installed, plugging in the mobile launches the Suite which provides you with the facility of installing programs and transferring files seamlessly.

In order to use Bluetooth, ensure that your mobile is under 'Discoverable' mode and that it has been paired with your computer (see
the Bluetooth manual for further details). Once the device has been paired, a file transferring software that came with the Bluetooth hardware should be able to copy the HadithReader file across to your mobile. Most phones have the Bluetooth option under 'Settings->Connections->Bluetooth'

STEP 2 - Choosing the right CLDC version

Please refer to and see which CLDC version your mobile supports. If your mobile is not listed in the list, then it could be that your mobile does not support Java Applications at all, or will not be able to run Hadith Reader.

Once you have decided the CLDC to use, please open the respective directory from the unzipped file with the corresponding version. E.g CLDC10 for CLDC 1.0, and CLDC11 for CLDC1.1.

STEP 3 - Transfer the file to your Mobile
As described in STEP 1, you'll need to now simply transfer the .jar file (e.g. HadithReaderBukhari.jar) to your mobile. Remember the location of where you transferred the file. In case the location cannot be determined, as on some phones, you'll need to look for the file in all directories in your mobile. Possible locations could be the 'Games' or the 'Apps' directory, or the 'Message Inbox' directory. On some phones it could also be 'My Documents' or 'My Files'.

STEP 4 - Open the file from your Mobile

After you have located the file, open it from your mobile. If your mobile supports HadithReader and .jar files larger than 500KB, then it will automatically launch the installer. If it complains of an 'unknown format' or 'application error' or 'file not recognized', then it could be that your Mobile does not support large .jar files. Please remember that the information provided in is based on the specs and most of the phones listed have not been tested with. The supported list page is only to be used as a reference and does not intend by any means that all the phones listed will run Hadith Reader. It could be that your phone has a lot of memory initially and may support Hadith Reader but does not have enough space left because of other installed applications.

If you have any problems at this step, please first read the FAQs and make sure your phone does meet the space and memory requirements and is listed in the supported list page ( If you think your phone meets the demands then please go to and write to us with details regarding your mobile model and the steps you took to produce the error that you see on the screen.


Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions for Hadith Reader for Mobile Phones.

If you experience any problems, it could be that your device is unable to run the application. Please click here to contact us and we will do what we can.

Please forward the Quran Auto Reciter software to all the Muslim brothers and sisters you know and remember that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says:
"The one who guides to good will be rewarded equally". .

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Hadith Reader for Mobile Phones (FREE):
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