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 Qu'ran in many languages

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PostSubject: Qu'ran in many languages   Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:19 pm

Qu'ran in many languages

AssalamuAlaikum We need your help to educate the public on an important topic !

web site has launched a campaign unlike any in history to
electronically distribute one-million free copies of Quran through the

As you know, Quran can be downloaded for free in many languages
at this URL

...and here is where you can be part of this project.

downloading the Quran in the language that you desire, please forward
this E-mail to your Muslim as well as non-Muslim friends, peers and
family members....

you know, a lot of media outlets have portrayed incorrect
interpretations of Quran and it is important that such false
perceptions be immediately corrected.

Muslims as well as non-Muslims need to study this book often and thoroughly to understand the true messages of this book.

** YOU ** can help us tremendously in this noble cause....

Forward this E-mail to everyone you know and use all other legal means to let others know...

We will attempt to keep you posted on the progress of the number of copies that people download...

The question to ask yourself is that how many copies will YOU be resposnible for downloading and free distribution....

Get the reward and be part of this project unlike any undertakenin history before !!!
Again, please forward this email to as many people as you can !!!

can read Qu'ran transliteration in English and also the English
translation in addition,you can listen to Qu'ran recitation in Arabic


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Qu'ran in many languages
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