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 Women Moslestation Results

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PostSubject: Women Moslestation Results   Thu May 08, 2008 12:58 pm

Women Molestation Results

By Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

Islam has put restraints that protect woman against raping or molestation , In Islam . woman should wear baggy clothes .God says in the Holy Quran in this regard what means " He is nothing but a slave on whom We bestowed favor, and We made him a pattern for the Children of Israel.( Al-Zagraf:89) . Also , a Moslem , be a man or a woman should not look at the charms of each other , the prophet says " lower the gaze of your eye " as looking at woman may lead to bad consequences.

Woman should not use cosmetics outside her house as this also adds to her beauty thus attracting eyes , the prophet says " A woman who goes out putting perfumes commits the sin of a whore " Here Islam wants to protect women against molestation or harassment ." The prophet says " A look at a woman is just like an arrow shot by the devil " , Islam has put ethics and percepts to everything in life . What now is happening in the west is due to the absence of following the straight way of God .

Here is a study from the west that reflects how heavy the debacles and the miseries resulting from putting aside God's percepts , the study says :"As many as one in every four women and one in every six men were sexually molested as children, often suffering higher rates of suicide attempts, substance abuse and marital strife, a new study said. The study is based on research by Kaiser Permanente and the National Centers for Disease Control, who surveyed more than 17,000 health care members from 1995-97. They found that victims - regardless of gender - were twice as likely to report a history of suicide attempts in adulthood. The study, published in the June issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, also found that victims were 40 percent to 50 percent more likely to have marital problems and 40 percent more likely to marry an alcoholic. Until now, most research of childhood molestation has focused on female survivors. Researchers say the study shows sexual molestation has similar effects on both genders and further points to the need for early intervention. ``All of this is unfortunately well concealed by time, shame, secrecy and a social taboo against discussing these matters that have such long- term consequences for health and well-being,'' said Dr. Vincent Felitti, a researcher at Kaiser Permanente. The study shows males perpetrated 94 percent of the abuse against girls and 60 percent against boys. The risk for more severe problems later in life also appeared to correlate with the degree of molestation. Linda Nevarez, a program director for a San Fernando domestic violence and transitional center, sees the effects daily. Many women who have come through the clinic were victims of sexual abuse and turn to men who abuse drugs or alcohol. ``There are problems with trust and intimacy. They connect pain with sex instead of it being pleasure,'' she said. ``For a lot of survivors, one of the negative coping techniques is substance abuse. It's not surprising they would also gravitate to someone, subconsciously, that would also be a substance abuser.'' Carlos Perez-Carillo of Sylmar said the study bears out his experience as a victim of molestation. He said he was abused as a teen and has suffered for years with depression and thoughts of suicide. ``It's awful; it's like an emotional roller coaster,'' said Perez-Carillo, who was not surveyed for the Kaiser study. ``I have met a lot of survivors who have turned to a life of crime, become alcoholics, abused drugs or committed suicide.''
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PostSubject: Re: Women Moslestation Results   Tue May 11, 2010 4:49 am

Salaam brothers and sisters,
abusing people can also lead to mental problems, you may become like the person who abused you. the results if devastating..... i strongly agree if u cover yrself then the males is not atracted to look at you..... if you have nice outfit and make up then u r inviting them to look at you.
i heard today and it is only 7.80am that a mother in Australia made her 12yr old daughter to serve men in sexual way so she can repay her home..... that is disgusting....what will happen to this little innoncent girl?
A few months ago i went on a holiday and i saw a young girl who was like 12 yrs old i am not gonna mention her race but the way she was dressed was shocking and if you are a male, this little girl was dressed like this, what will the male would do to see this... there are all kinds of sick people around.... thank Allah i do not have a daughter if i had i would be over protective.... because if you are not careful and yr little kids are abused sexually the result will be life time suffering or death....
abused youths who leave home and face the world alone get themselves in all kind of problems...... trust what would that mean to them? they would never have that love and trust from the family who would support them once they have their own family.... and if they fall in wrong hands what would their life be......
take care all
Khoda hafiz
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PostSubject: Re: Women Moslestation Results   Thu May 13, 2010 1:44 pm

wa alaikum Al Salam
Many Thanks dear sister jan for the nice veiw!
It is realy disgusting that we are seeing and hearing these kinds of stuff about women!
In Afghanistan these days women, especialy new generation started removing their Islamic cloth and replacing with the western ones.

They are not thinking why men are dressing in good mode complete covering of the body, while women are dressing opposite of men, why and why?

Many thanks for Muslim Jan for his topic!
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PostSubject: Re: Women Moslestation Results   

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Women Moslestation Results
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