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 Free PDF Ebook Linux Wireless

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PostSubject: Free PDF Ebook Linux Wireless   Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:42 pm

This PDF Ebooks will explore the magical world of Wireless LANs and Linux. Wireless LAN is not a very widespread and well known technology, even in the Linux world, so we will try to gather here most of the available information. Despite the fact that it is very similar to common networking technologies, it is significantly different to justify this specific document covering the subject.

What is a Wireless LAN ?
Itís a networking technology allowing the connection of computers without any wires and cables (apart from the mains), mostly using radio technology (and sometime infrared). Itís called LAN (Local Area Network) because the range targeted is small (within an office, a building, a store, a small campus, a house...). This technology is slowly growing (I should say maturing), and despite a general lack of interest, Linux is able to take advantage of some of the wireless networks available.

Content of this document
First task is to talk a bit about the different Wireless LANs options under Linux. What the products on the market are, their compatibility with Linux and where to find the necessary bits and pieces to make them work. This should help you to make your mind on the product of your dreams. Once youíve picked a Wireless LAN, you will have to live with it. The next chapter go through the main differences of Wireless LAN compared to other networking technologies. This includes the main steps of the installation and usage considerations.
Then, we will have a nice overview of the Wireless Extensions. The Wireless Extensions is a new standard interface to configure Wireless LAN devices and get wireless specific statistics from them. Of course, this is a Linux exclusivity !
At this point, you will find a long and dense section, talking mostly of the different technologies used in Wireless LANs and other boring related stuff. It is quite safe to skip that one.

Download Free PDF Ebooks Linux Wireless
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Free PDF Ebook Linux Wireless
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